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Congressman Jason Smith

Representing the 8th District of Missouri

Weekly Capitol Report

Sep 1, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Our tax system is rigged, designed to help only the most powerful people who can afford the most expensive tax lawyers to find their way through tricky tax loop holes. This week, I joined President Donald Trump in Springfield to talk about our complicated and unfair tax code, the work we must do to fix it, and how we are going to give hardworking Americans a pay raise in the process.

Aug 25, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Another school year has begun and the sights and sounds of Friday night lights are filling the air. The beginning of a new school year and the return of high school football also reminds me about the importance of local choice, local control and local leadership over the education of the children raised here in south central and southeast Missouri.

Aug 21, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

On Monday, August 21, 2017, Missourians and folks all across the United States will experience a once in a lifetime event, the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse. The last time this happened in the continental U.S. was nearly 40 years ago. What’s even more exciting is that a total solar eclipse has not been seen in our area since 1442!

Jul 28, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Whether it is a border you can walk across or a border you can launch a missile across, it is the responsibility of Congress and the President to protect our country from those who wish to harm the United States. The last administration drew lines in the sand with foreign countries and let them blow away over and over again.

Jul 24, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Time away from family and friends, missing the birth of their sons and daughters, deployed overseas during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, anniversaries gone by… these are just a few things the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces give up in order to defend our freedom.

Jul 17, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Growing up in rural Missouri, I knew if I didn’t feed our animals by 6am, I was going to be in trouble. Starting the day with this chore was essential to the rest of the day on the farm going smoothly.

Jul 7, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

In June, with the support of President Trump, we acted to give US Customs and Border Protection more resources to secure our border by making it easier for them to hire our brave military veterans and law enforcement officers.

Jul 4, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

Being an American makes me feel proud, fortunate and humbled all at the same time. Proud that our Founding Father’s vision became a reality. Fortunate because I was lucky enough to be born in this incredible, free nation and humbled by the blessing of serving our country in Congress.

Jun 26, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

We are barely halfway into the year, and Senate Liberals are ignoring the will of the American people and obstructing the democratic process yet again.

Jun 16, 2017 Weekly Capitol Report

In the early morning hours of June 14 – in the middle of a picturesque American backdrop – a gunman targeted Members of Congress and opened fire on a baseball field in Virginia where they were practicing for their annual charity baseball game.