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    Error: Filing Currently Unavailable

    Millions of American’s frustration with an outdated, broken and unfair tax code was met symbolically on Tuesday with news that their attempts to file their taxes online was currently ‘unavailable’ and that they should ‘come back on Dec. 31, 9999.” That’s right, the old, clunky and broken tax code – broke the IRS website. Frustrated Missourians who had spent hours trying to do what’s right, trying to comply with their tax obligations before the stated deadline, couldn’t even do so because once ag... READ MORE

    The Unbalanced Books

    Your farm cannot survive by spending more than you make, neither can your business nor your household - the truth is, neither can your government, but politicians seem disinterested in fixing that problem regardless of what the repercussions may be. Over $21 trillion in debt and counting, that's what the current debt clock of the U.S. Government reads. Those are a heck of a lot of IOUs to the owners of American debt - your retirement accounts, the American taxpayer, businesses large and small, a... READ MORE

    Learning and Serving

    Every year, I am honored to have the privilege of nominating outstanding young men and women from southern Missouri for appointment to our nation’s finest service academies. In the spring, I am overcome with emotion when calling many of the same students to tell them they have been admitted to one of our nation’s prestigious service academies. Earlier this spring I traveled to West Point and had the opportunity to visit with the cadets I have nominated in recent years and as well as other cadets... READ MORE

    He Is Risen

    During holy week, beyond decorating and hiding eggs and spending time with our family, we celebrate Jesus’ life, death and most importantly His resurrection. As I reflect on the importance of Easter, I think about how new beginnings have benefited us all. While the Friday of the crucifixion brought grief and loss to Jesus’ loved ones, Sunday brought joy when they found that the tomb was empty and Jesus had risen. His death felt like an end, but truly, it was the beginning of eternal life. Growin... READ MORE

    Fighting for the Farm

    As a fourth-generation family farm owner, I know just how important agricultural operations are to Missouri’s economy and our rural communities. Missouri farmers are some of the hardest working people around, and it's a privilege to represent them in the United States Congress. Whether you grow corn or cotton, raise cattle or pigs or run one of the many other ag operations across our great state, your hard work not only feeds and clothes Americans, but millions of other families around the world... READ MORE

    A Presidential Visit – Part III

    Signaling that the priorities and values of the Midwest no longer take a back seat to those of the coastal elite, for the third time in less than eight months, this week President Trump once again visited our great state. Last August, I joined our President in Springfield to officially kick off our push for comprehensive tax reform to reduce the tax burden on American businesses, farmers, families and workers. Three months later, I once again joined the President in St. Charles as we continued t... READ MORE

    Stopping Sanctuary States

    We are a nation of law and order…or at least that is what we are led to believe. Your elected officials are supposed to honor and uphold the law, not recklessly flaunt and break it, all while potentially putting American lives at risk. But this is exactly what happened in California last week when Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf, tweeted a warning to dangerous criminals who are in our country illegally and told them to be on the lookout for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers. This on... READ MORE

    Billy Graham, America’s Pastor

    “My home is in heaven, I am just traveling through this world.” On February 21, 2018, Reverend Billy Graham was welcomed to his true home in heaven. This week, we honored his life and legacy with a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol. It was an honor to attend the ceremony and pay my respects to a man who lifted up our entire nation and changed countless lives. Back in 1934, Billy Graham’s father welcomed North Carolina businessmen from Charlotte to their family dairy farm so they could gather for pray... READ MORE

    Do, Learn, Earn to Live & Live to Serve

    This past week we celebrated National FFA week. Since its founding in 1928, the National FFA Organization has brought together students, educators and private sector agriculture professionals to support agriculture education in schools across our country. More specifically, FFA teaches young adults throughout southern Missouri to do, learn, earn to live and live to serve. Countless lives, including my own, have been changed for the better as FFA provides confidence in the classroom, on the farm ... READ MORE

    Putting Rural America First

    Rural America is roaring back. A recent report from the Department of Agriculture shows that for only the second time in the last century, we are actually increasing the number of farmers under the age of 35. With the President’s leadership, we have been able to deliver tax cuts for American farmers, reduced federal regulations at a rate of 22:1, driven down energy prices and have grown the economy to bring jobs back to rural America. Personally, I experienced this resurgence first hand during m... READ MORE

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