Weekly Capitol Report

    An Un-American Process

    What Speaker Pelosi and her progressive pals are doing in the halls of our U.S. Capitol seems to defy even Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s most liberal interpretation of the Constitution and laws of the United States. Our Founders crafted the remedy of impeachment for serious situations and provided instructions for how that process would happen. Even though they were careful to make sure impeachment would not be used for purely partisan gains, that is exactly what Pelosi and the liberal elite have been t... READ MORE

    Here to Help

    When I was a freshman in high school, I was summoned before my local city council over their objections to my FFA project. Their inflexible position forced my family to make a tough decision: if I wanted to keep my project operating—which is ultimately how I paid my way through college—my family and I would be forced to leave town. After multiple attempts to change the city’s mind, we moved outside the city limits. After my experience, I wanted to make sure the government did not intrude on othe... READ MORE

    Paralyzed With Hatred

    Nancy Pelosi and her progressive base have finally shown the world their true agenda: impeaching President Trump. On Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi announced that she and her liberal lieutenants were launching an official impeachment inquiry into the President because of news reports she saw surrounding a phone call he made earlier this year. At the time she made the announcement, neither the whistleblower’s report nor the transcript of the conversation between President Trump and the President of Ukr... READ MORE

    America's Energy Independence

    Over the weekend, we were all alarmed by the images of oil fields on fire in the Middle East. Historically, whenever there is global uncertainty around the security of the world’s oil supply, it sends energy prices soaring, which impacts the day to day lives of the hardworking people here in southern Missouri just trying to make ends meet. All of a sudden, families are forced to stretch their budgets further than expected due to higher costs to heat their homes or to fill up on gas. However, all... READ MORE

    Never Forgotten

    Every year, we promise to never forget. We recall where we were and what we were feeling on September 11, 2001. I remember being in law school at Oklahoma City University and knowing immediately the world would never be the same. But too often we fail to remember the totality of loss. As I pause and reflect this week, I think about the thousands of lives that were changed forever: we lost 2,977 souls on that fateful day. The victims were passengers and crew, businessmen and businesswomen, milita... READ MORE

    A Hard Week

    This week has been a tough week for my family and me. Earlier this week, my father passed away. It is never easy to lose a parent, and I, unfortunately felt that up close this week. Regardless of age, what they have accomplished in life, or what they have left behind, when a loved one says goodbye everything else is put into perspective. This hard lesson of loss has reminded me of all the other lessons my dad imparted on me throughout his life. My dad was a mechanic and he owned an auto repair s... READ MORE

    A Summer Well Spent

    As the unofficial ending to summer has arrived, I am thinking how lucky I was to be able to spend the summer traveling throughout southern Missouri and getting time with the farmers, families, and local agricultural businesses who proudly call our area home. The industry and ingenuity I have seen is a testament to the hardworking nature of our community. The connections made, feedback received, ideas generated, and questions answered at family farms, Ag townhall forums, and business visits have ... READ MORE

    Made in Missouri

    I have always said that southern Missouri is home to some of the most dedicated and talented farmers, workers, and families anywhere. Our workforce has an undeniable strength and tenacity; employers are now recognizing this and finding out that our home is one of the best places to expand, invest, grow and hire. Briggs & Stratton first came to Poplar Bluff 30 years ago and they saw the high standard to which our workforce holds themselves. Recently, the company spent a great deal of time decidin... READ MORE

    Constitutional Courts

    “Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.” This is the warning that Senate Democratic Leaders, and one of their nominees for President, delivered to the Supreme Court earlier this week. It is part of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and liberal elites continued disdain for our Constitution and the laws of this country. Leftists and their progressive representatives had no problem with the federal bench when its make... READ MORE

    Still Worth Fighting For

    Last month we celebrated over 240 years of our nation’s independence, but this Saturday we celebrate an equally momentous occasion: Missouri statehood. For 198 years, rural Missouri values have instilled the tenets of individual liberty, moral responsibility, and the importance of providing for your family. My family has proudly called Missouri home since long before it was a state, and as a seventh-generation Missourian, I could not be prouder of our noble state for reaching its 198thbirthday. ... READ MORE

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