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    Big Tech, Big Problems

    For as long as I can remember, as Missourians, one of our biggest fears has been Washington bureaucrats empowered to insert themselves into our way of life. But now, we face a new threat of censorship and control from Big Tech companies. Big Tech CEOs have designated themselves as the judge, jury, and executioners of Free Speech. Any doubts regarding their power were erased this week as the social media giant Facebook decided to uphold its ban on President Donald Trump. As Washington Democrats a... READ MORE

    The First 100 Days

    On Wednesday, Joe Biden gave a speech in the House chamber laying out his vision for America. The America Joe Biden described is not one I recognize, and if Joe Biden’s vision comes true, the values that have defined America will be forever lost. His address this past week stands in stark contrast to the inaugural address he gave just over 100 days ago, when he called for “unity” and “bipartisanship.” The reality is that this is one of the most partisan Administration’s this country has ever see... READ MORE

    Rules For Thee, Not For Me

    Since Joe Biden was sworn in, Washington Democrats have shown they’re willing to change any rule, violate any precedent, or do whatever it takes in order to get their way. Their agenda rewards their friends, donors, and special interest allies, and punishes those who supported Donald Trump. As long as it increases their power and control over working class Americans, they will do it. Democrats have the majority in both the House and Senate, but it’s razor thin. Knowing some Democrats don’t suppo... READ MORE

    Biden's Priorities

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once said that a budget is a statement of your party’s values. What does it say about the Democrat majority that in the 800+ days since they came to power they have yet to pass a real budget? We are nearly three months into this administration. President Biden has found time so far to issue 62 executive orders; sign into law a massive bailout bill that spent $1.9 trillion to reward his friends, donors and allies; and propose a second $2.3 trillion boondoggle that inclu... READ MORE

    Ruling Class vs. Working Class

    Last year, in the face of a pandemic that left many people around the country concerned about their health for going out, states around the country adopted what were supposed to be temporary rules for voting. But in some instances, states used the pandemic as a reason to radically change voting rules to remove key voter safeguards – like requiring voter identification to be given a ballot – leading to the serious 2020 election integrity concerns that resulted. Georgia, plagued with controversy f... READ MORE

    Build Back Better?

    Washington Democrats have lost their minds. If there is one thing Washington Democrats have shown this year, it’s that they are willing to embrace a disturbing appetite for spending. It turns out that last month, when they decided to spend nearly $2 trillion on bailouts and political rewards for their allies, they were just getting warmed up. President Biden is now proposing cutting a check for another $2 trillion to spend on a massive grab bag of liberal wish-list policies held together by misl... READ MORE

    A Rush to Judgement

    Former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was famous for saying, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Washington Democrats and their allies in the media have internalized this advice so well that their playbook is completely predictable. Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen tragic shootings in Atlanta and in Boulder, Colorado. My heart breaks for the victims of these shootings, and the criminals who committed these acts deserve to face the maximum punishment available. But before the inve... READ MORE

    Biden's Crisis

    Since being sworn in on January 20, Joe Biden has made clear that he is serious about prioritizing the rights and well-being of illegal immigrants over American citizens. Whether it is his words, his executive actions, or legislation he has signed into law, all his policies clearly incentivize people to try to cross our border illegally. Now, a crisis is here – and it’s a crisis of Joe Biden and his administration’s own making. In the month of February, Customs and Border Patrol encountered over... READ MORE

    The Wrong Plan

    This week we saw Washington Democrats charge ahead and pass the Biden Bailout Bill, the largest spending package in our nation’s history. As the Republican Leader of the Budget Committee, who had a front row seat to what was included, I can assure you this was the most partisan package we’ve ever seen. Not a single Republican voted for this bailout bill, and in fact, the only bipartisan thing about it was the vote against it. President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majorit... READ MORE

    For The People?

    Last November, America experienced an election that was anything but normal. In several states voting rules for electing the president were changed without the consent of state legislatures, as prescribed by the Constitution. This left millions of Americans confused and unsure of whether their vote even counted. What happened underscored for me the urgent need to work together to ensure all Americans have confidence in the integrity of their elections. But Speaker Pelosi had other ideas. Instead... READ MORE

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