Weekly Capitol Report

    Protecting Paychecks, Permanently

    For too many years under President Obama’s tenure, the federal government grew while Americans’ paychecks shrank. Millions watched with disgust as their tax dollars flowed to Washington for wasteful programs and pet projects. Last year President Trump and I reversed course and overhauled the uncompetitive, outdated tax code to prioritize families first and put more money in your pocket. We took resources out of the hands of Washington bureaucrats and put it back into your paycheck. The Tax Cuts ... READ MORE

    Celebrating the Constitution

    On September 17th, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention finished months of tense deliberations and compromises. Standing in Independence Hall in Philadelphia where 11 years earlier America declared her independence, 39 delegates signed their names on parchment paper boldly proclaiming, “We the People of the United States…establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” This week on National Constitution Day we celebrate the greatest legal document ever written and t... READ MORE

    Confirm Kavanaugh

    This week the Senate held hearings for one of its greatest Constitutional responsibilities, confirming the President of the United States’ nominee for a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Like many Americans, I was disappointed to see obstructionist Senators devolve into bitter, childlike antics instead of properly and responsibly fulfilling their Constitutional duty. Between outside liberal groups and Democratic Senators trying to launch their White House ambitions, Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation he... READ MORE

    Victory and Valor

    Seventy-three years ago this week, Americans were eagerly waiting for the end of World War Two. It was a painful war for Missourians, especially those who fought on all fronts and at all levels of the military to secure an Allied victory. Our greatest generation answered the call to serve our country when she needed them most – and unfortunately some of our heroes are still waiting today for their proper recognition. In the darkest hours of the 1940s, Missourians banded together to win the war. ... READ MORE

    Agriculture Grows Missouri's Economy

    This week at the Delta Days in the Bootheel, I’ll be wrapping up a 30-county, monthlong swing through southern Missouri’s unique agriculture industry. I’m grateful to all the farmers, organizations, and agribusinesses who have taken the time to share with me their successes, what makes their farm unique, and their concerns with the federal government. Over the past month I’ve traveled the back roads of southern Missouri to listen to local farmers because when the agriculture industry does well, ... READ MORE

    A Congressional Challenge

    As summer fades and fall begins, Missourians prepare to send their children back to school or off to college. Fall brings a fresh opportunity for new starts and the chance to be a little better than last year – whether it’s in the classroom, on the sports team, or in the local community. Many students in Missouri will soon be active in school programs and their communities, but aren’t aware they could receive special recognition from Congress for their achievements and everyday activities. The C... READ MORE

    Gateway to God's Country

    This week as Missourians celebrate 197 years of statehood, we rejoice our rich history and heritage as a land of growth and free expedition. Our slice of God’s country, appropriately located in the heartland of America, has been at the heart of American history, adventure, and producing quality American-made goods enjoyed by the entire world. Missouri has been my family’s home for seven generations, and I want to preserve our beautiful state as a gateway to opportunity and free living for future... READ MORE

    Freedom of Faith

    America, in her earliest days, was founded as a safe haven for religious people. After our founding fathers fought a revolution and established this liberty, many Europeans fled persecution of their faiths and suffered a long, perilous pilgrimage to America to find free land. A land of people united in establishing a country unlike any other seen before, a union of free states governed by people with the freedom to live according to their own individual conscience and religious beliefs. Religiou... READ MORE

    Fighting for Warfighters

    Our nation owes a massive debt of gratitude to the veterans who have fought to protect our country and its freedoms. As I accompanied President Trump this week on Air Force One for his fourth trip to Missouri since becoming president, I saw how devoted he is to fight on their behalf so every veteran receives the best possible treatment upon returning home. I spent some quality time with the president and saw his deep love for both the state of Missouri and the men and women who have served in un... READ MORE

    Missouri's Farmers Know Best

    For Missourians, agriculture is the heart of our communities. The country roads of southeastern and south central Missouri weave together 19,000 farms, home to some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. This week I’m kicking off a thirty-county swing to hear firsthand from the farmers and ranchers – big and small – who drive Missouri’s economy and feed the world. The thirty counties I am blessed to represent are rich with every farm imaginable. From the soybean fields in the Bootheel to t... READ MORE

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