Weekly Capitol Report

    Stopping Sanctuary States

    We are a nation of law and order…or at least that is what we are led to believe. Your elected officials are supposed to honor and uphold the law, not recklessly flaunt and break it, all while potentially putting American lives at risk. But this is exactly what happened in California last week when Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf, tweeted a warning to dangerous criminals who are in our country illegally and told them to be on the lookout for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers. This on... READ MORE

    Billy Graham, America’s Pastor

    “My home is in heaven, I am just traveling through this world.” On February 21, 2018, Reverend Billy Graham was welcomed to his true home in heaven. This week, we honored his life and legacy with a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol. It was an honor to attend the ceremony and pay my respects to a man who lifted up our entire nation and changed countless lives. Back in 1934, Billy Graham’s father welcomed North Carolina businessmen from Charlotte to their family dairy farm so they could gather for pray... READ MORE

    Do, Learn, Earn to Live & Live to Serve

    This past week we celebrated National FFA week. Since its founding in 1928, the National FFA Organization has brought together students, educators and private sector agriculture professionals to support agriculture education in schools across our country. More specifically, FFA teaches young adults throughout southern Missouri to do, learn, earn to live and live to serve. Countless lives, including my own, have been changed for the better as FFA provides confidence in the classroom, on the farm ... READ MORE

    Putting Rural America First

    Rural America is roaring back. A recent report from the Department of Agriculture shows that for only the second time in the last century, we are actually increasing the number of farmers under the age of 35. With the President’s leadership, we have been able to deliver tax cuts for American farmers, reduced federal regulations at a rate of 22:1, driven down energy prices and have grown the economy to bring jobs back to rural America. Personally, I experienced this resurgence first hand during m... READ MORE

    Turn Over Enough Stones…

    The United States of America was born out of a revolt by the original colonies against their British controllers - controllers who taxed too much, took away too many rights and asked too much. When our new country rose from that great war for independence, we formed a nation which believed in individual rights over the rights of the state and a country who put protecting the constitutional liberties of each and every American above all else. Unfortunately, as it relates to the most recent presid... READ MORE

    The Strong State of Our Union

    Last Tuesday night‎ I was honored to join many of you in witnessing President Trump’s very first State of the Union address to Congress. Leading up to the speech there were many things I thought the President could say, what he should say, and ultimately what he would say. But as I thought and reflected on the 12 months since President Trump entered the Oval Office, I realized that with the lowest level of unemployment in close to 20 years, an economy on the cusp of growing at rates never seen i... READ MORE

    Wrong Priorities Expose Senate Stall Tactics

    On Friday night, January 19th, Senate obstructionism was on full display for all of America to see as a handful of Senators voted to shut down the United States government in order to advocate for unrelated illegal immigration policies. That’s right, they chose to prioritize illegal immigration over paying our troops and making sure our men and women in uniform had the tools they needed to protect our freedoms. They also said no to funding important Children’s Health Insurance Programs that more... READ MORE

    We March for Life

    This week, hundreds of thousands of Americans came to our nation’s Capital to March for Life. Sadly, we have lost more than 60 million lives in the United States since abortion became legal and Roe v. Wade was upheld by the Supreme Court 45 years ago. That is 60 million less lives which could have grown up to find the cure to cancer, discovered new sources of energy, become an astronaut or the next President of the United States. But more than likely, many of those lives would have had a smaller... READ MORE

    The Early Returns

    On December 22, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law by President Trump. What has happened in the succeeding three weeks is just the beginning of a long and empowering process to reward the American worker for years of sacrifice, dedication and hardship. In these three weeks, over two million U.S. workers have seen bonuses, pay raises, and benefit increases totaling more than one billion dollars…that’s right more than $1,000,000,000. Whether you are in Missouri and work at an AT&T store... READ MORE

    The Needed Cuts

    In one of his last acts before leaving the White House, President Obama stunned our friends and allies when he failed to block the United Nations (UN) from voting to condemn one of America’s strongest allies in the world, Israel. President Obama stood idly by, allowing the UN to scold Israel for defending their land in the West Bank and establishing settlements in a place that is rightfully theirs. It was appalling to see such a lack of leadership from America on the world stage when our country... READ MORE

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