Family Values

    Three Years

    On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump stood on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building, overlooking the National Mall and the monuments erected to honor our nation’s greatest heroes—Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and King— and was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Sitting on the giant stage with the newly elected President, I was filled with optimism about the fresh perspective he would bring to a broken Washington. Since his inauguration, President Trump has fough... READ MORE

    USA Agriculture: A National Priority

    Every year, I crisscross Southern Missouri, visiting farms, farmers, and families in each of the 30 counties which make up our congressional district. The places I visit are diverse – some plant row crops, some raise bison, some harvest timber, and some are in agri-tourism, but at each I see the humble, honest Missouri values, the fulfillment that comes from working on one’s own land, and the pride that comes from feeding communities or producing the raw materials that fuel local economies. Unfo... READ MORE

    A Hard Week

    This week has been a tough week for my family and me. Earlier this week, my father passed away. It is never easy to lose a parent, and I, unfortunately felt that up close this week. Regardless of age, what they have accomplished in life, or what they have left behind, when a loved one says goodbye everything else is put into perspective. This hard lesson of loss has reminded me of all the other lessons my dad imparted on me throughout his life. My dad was a mechanic and he owned an auto repair s... READ MORE

    Made in Missouri

    I have always said that southern Missouri is home to some of the most dedicated and talented farmers, workers, and families anywhere. Our workforce has an undeniable strength and tenacity; employers are now recognizing this and finding out that our home is one of the best places to expand, invest, grow and hire. Briggs & Stratton first came to Poplar Bluff 30 years ago and they saw the high standard to which our workforce holds themselves. Recently, the company spent a great deal of time decidin... READ MORE

    Still Worth Fighting For

    Last month we celebrated over 240 years of our nation’s independence, but this Saturday we celebrate an equally momentous occasion: Missouri statehood. For 198 years, rural Missouri values have instilled the tenets of individual liberty, moral responsibility, and the importance of providing for your family. My family has proudly called Missouri home since long before it was a state, and as a seventh-generation Missourian, I could not be prouder of our noble state for reaching its 198thbirthday. ... READ MORE

    Just Don't Do It

    In the middle of celebrating the most patriotic week of the year, a celebration of our American independence, the birth of our Democracy, and the rights of the individual over the State, we were reminded yet again that some choose to ignore the hard-fought history of our great nation and be ashamed of it instead of honor the values we, as Americans, stand for around the world. First it was the names of our mascots, the namesakes of our schools, the monuments in our parks, and now our flag. The ... READ MORE

    Go Fourth!

    Hometown parades, American flags waving, backyard barbeques and of course fireworks lighting up a night sky - some of my most vivid memories of growing up in southern Missouri are from the Fourth of July. As a family, we would gather at my grandparent’s house for some food and games before heading over to Main Street for the Salem parade and then city park for the fireworks show. After the excitement of seeing all our friends downtown, we would go back and shoot off some of our own fireworks at ... READ MORE

    Stars and Stripes

    The red, white, and blue American flag is a symbol known all over the world for American independence, bravery, and sovereignty. For 242 years, the stars and stripes have represented the United States and our American values all over the world. June 14th is not only President Trump and the Army’s shared birthday, but also National Flag Day – a time to celebrate our beautiful flag and why so many hold it close to their hearts. After declaring independence from Great Britain, one of the first orde... READ MORE

    Celebrating Mom

    Family is one of the most important institutions in America. It’s where we first learn our values, our relationship with God, and the support system many people have for the rest of their lives. The foundation of many families, especially mine, is the mothers who make it all possible. This week on Mother’s Day, we take the time to celebrate moms all over the country and everything they do around the clock to support their families. My mother is the hardest working person I’ve ever known, and she... READ MORE

    Committee Advances Rep. Smith's Legislation to Help Families Save for Education Expenses

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means passed the Student Empowerment Act, authored by Congressman Jason Smith (MO-08), which will allow families to save for everyday K-12 education expenses with 529 College Savings Plans. Under Rep. Smith’s legislation, families could use 529 savings accounts for K-12 tuition, books and instructional materials, tutoring expenses, fees for exams related to college admissions, and educational therapy for students ... READ MORE

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