Keeping Washington Out of Missouri

    Rep. Smith Honored for Cutting Taxes, Reducing Regulations and Fighting for Small Businesses

    Today, at the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce First Friday Coffee, Congressman Jason Smith received the Spirit of Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his strong record of fighting for small businesses, cutting taxes and encouraging job growth. The Spirit of Enterprise award is reserved for Members of Congress who cast important votes and advance policy measures that will help grow the economy and bring jobs back to America. “It’s great to be recognized for your work, but fo... READ MORE

    Putting Rural America First

    Rural America is roaring back. A recent report from the Department of Agriculture shows that for only the second time in the last century, we are actually increasing the number of farmers under the age of 35. With the President’s leadership, we have been able to deliver tax cuts for American farmers, reduced federal regulations at a rate of 22:1, driven down energy prices and have grown the economy to bring jobs back to rural America. Personally, I experienced this resurgence first hand during m... READ MORE

    Check Your Tackle Box & Keep an Eye on Your Gun Case

    Did you know that on his way out of office, President Obama tried to regulate the ammo in your gun and the fishing sinkers in your tackle box? Before he jetted off to the Caribbean, President Obama managed to take a final swipe at Missourians’ way of life with “Director’s Order No. 219,” a last-minute regulation that banned lead ammunition and fishing tackle on federal lands. In other words, President Obama’s rule would not have allowed you to take shotgun shells or fishing sinkers with you to h... READ MORE

    Area farmers concerned about government regulations, Rep. Smith says

    Government regulations and keeping the next generation interested in agriculture were two of the most discussed topics when U.S. Rep. Jason Smith visited a beef cattle farm just outside of Jackson on Monday. Paul "Butch" Meier of Butch's Angus is a fourth-generation farmer who said he hopes his sons and grandchildren carry the farm through the next few generations. "I've lived on this tract of land all my life," he told the congressman and the small group of farmers gathered Monday. The average ... READ MORE

    Congressman Jason Smith Defends Rural Property Rights

    Today the House of Representatives voted on Congressman Jason Smith’s language to bar the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from using any funds to implement the damaging Waters of the United States rule. The language was included in H.R. 2028, the FY2016 Energy & Water Appropriations bill, which passed the House 240-177. This overreaching rule could potentially allow the EPA to regulate nearly every area of the ground that gets wet or has flow during rainfall including ponds, puddles, temp... READ MORE

    Congressman Jason Smith’s Amendment Will Protect Rights in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways

    Today, February 5, 2014, the United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 3950, The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act) to protect the rights of hunters and fishermen on public lands. Included within the SHARE Act is an amendment offered by Congressman Jason Smith (MO-8) that will ensure motorized vessels in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways (ONSR) cannot be restricted. The National Park Service has proposed limiting the use of motorized vessels in drafts o... READ MORE

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