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100 Disappointing Days

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Washington, April 5, 2019 | comments

As we approach the 100-day mark of new Democrat leadership in the United States House of Representatives, I am disappointed by how the People’s House under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership has spent the last three months. In their first 100 days in power, the new majority showed it is less concerned with responsibly conducting the people’s business and more concerned with opposing the President of the United States. They’ve been willing to break every rule on the books to jam through unprecedented federal spending, infringe on your constitutional rights, and they will stop at nothing to remove President Trump from office.

From the beginning of this Congress, Speaker Pelosi committed to opposing our President at every turn. After inviting President Trump to deliver the annual State of the Union address, she then took the unprecedented step of uninviting the President of the United States based on unwarranted “security concerns.” To her, delivering a ‘loss’ to the President was more important than allowing him to fulfill his Constitutional duty to update the American people on the state of their Union. 

It's this level of obstructionism that caused the government to shut down for a third of the time Speaker Pelosi has been in power. Instead of working with the President to put drug cartels out of business by securing the southern border, her majority has its eyes set on a wild – and costly – agenda that everyday Americans don’t support. They’ve been unwilling to come to the table for national security but have proposed eye-popping government spending on the radical Green New Deal, a government takeover of the health care system, and matching campaign donations 6-to-1 with federal dollars. While President Trump and I are focused on growing the economy, their focus is on growing the federal government. In fewer than 100 days, the new majority rolled out an agenda that would cost more than the entire net worth of every household in the United States combined.

Families and businesses in Missouri have to live within their means every day and balance their budgets, and they expect the same of their government operating with their tax dollars. That’s why one of the first bills I introduced when I came to Congress was a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, the Democrat-controlled Budget Committee decided this week they will neglect their only job and won’t even try to put a budget together. The reason is obvious: as soon as you put their radical agenda on paper, the only way the math adds up is by dramatically raising taxes on everyday Americans. In fact, the first item Speaker Pelosi passed out of the U.S. House was a rules package making it easier to raise taxes and explode the debt without Americans even knowing about it.

With the conclusion of the Mueller investigation finally putting an end to the Russian conspiracy theory, I was optimistic we could focus our time helping working families. Instead, the Democrats have weaponized the tax-writing committee to go after the President’s tax returns and handed out subpoenas to anyone who has ever met the President. When they do find time between filing articles of impeachment and investigating the President, the new majority is pushing an agenda which threatens your constitutional rights. They’ve passed gun-control bills that will do nothing to prevent mass violence but will turn law-abiding gun owners into criminals. They think Washington should end rural agriculture as we know it and dictate how every state runs their elections, down to the type of paper ballots are printed on.

While the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives is focusing on pie-in-the-sky proposals, grabbing power for Washington, and trying to remove the President, the crisis at our southern border is only growing worse. Customs and Border Patrol agents say they are at a “breaking point,” and even President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security acknowledged “we are truly in a crisis.” Instead of pushing an unaffordable, unpopular agenda, I hope the leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives spends the next 100 days focusing on the people we’re here to serve, not the President they hate.