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Smith Demands Investigations Into Election Fraud

Smith Also Outlines Concerns in Letter to State Election Officials

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Washington, November 6, 2020 | comments

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Jason Smith called upon the United States Department of Justice to open investigations into incidences of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. In a separate letter to state election officials, Smith also outlined his concerns with their actions and issued a reminder that the election is not over.  

Smith said, “President Trump is right to demand transparency and accuracy in the ballot counting process. We must count every legal vote, but only legal votes. The American people deserve fair and transparent elections regardless of who they vote for.” Smith continued, “It is the Department of Justice’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of our elections if state election officials will not.”

Earlier this year, Smith introduced the Integrity of Our Elections Act to require the chief state election official of each state to certify that recipients of mail-in or absentee ballots are living, U.S. citizens, and eligible to vote prior to mailing a ballot for a federal election. Speaker Pelosi refused to give this legislation a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

You can read the full letter to Attorney General Barr here and the full letter to state election officials here.


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