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Washington, November 13, 2020 | comments

In the United States, every living citizen over the age of eighteen has the right to vote. This is one of the most fundamental pillars of our constitutional republic and we must protect it at all costs. If the criteria for voter eligibility are not being met, public trust in our elections and our government will inevitably erode. That’s why the American people should question the outcome of this election based on the allegations of voter fraud that occurred. From reports of deceased individuals casting ballots in Georgia, to ballot tampering in Pennsylvania – the list goes on and on. I have the upmost faith and respect for our institutions and consider protecting them one of my most sacred responsibilities, but these allegations raise serious questions regarding the way this election has been conducted. Getting to the bottom of these fraud claims should not be a partisan issue – both Democrats and Republicans should strive above all else to protect the integrity of our elections.

That’s why President Trump is absolutely right to file court challenges in states across the country to ensure every legal ballot and only legal ballots are counted, and I am proud the State of Missouri is acting as a leader in supporting the president. While these court proceedings are far from over, the President notched a win this week when an appellate court in Pennsylvania ruled to disqualify a number of ballots cast by voters who were unable to confirm their identity by November 9th.

In addition to these court challenges, we must demand investigations into every allegation of voter fraud to restore American’s trust in our elections. There is no other way. It seems like every day we hear of another instance of potential fraud, including discrepancies in data collected from electronic voting machines.  For that reason, last week, I sent a letter to Attorney General Barr requesting he open investigations into credible allegations of voter fraud.  Subsequently, Barr announced the Department of Justice would do just that.  

However, I would be remiss if I did not say this could have been prevented. In August, I introduced legislation, the Integrity of Our Elections Act, to ensure only U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote receive a ballot for a federal election. Specifically, the chief state election official of each state would have been required to certify that recipients of mail-in or absentee ballots are living, citizens, and eligible to vote. This seems common sense, but Nancy Pelosi refused to give the legislation a vote on the House Floor. Instead, she introduced legislation that would federalize U.S. elections and require states to allow early voting, limit ID requirements, allow same-day registration, and the list goes on. These are the exact polices that have undermined the integrity of this election and led people to question the outcome.

Please know, I will continue to monitor investigations being conducted by the Department of Justice to ensure we get to the bottom of any wrongdoing that occurred during this year’s presidential election. The President and the American people are right to demand to know the way this election was conducted was transparent and the outcome is accurate.  

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