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Impeachment: The Sequel

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Washington, February 12, 2021 | comments

Nearly a month after Joe Biden promised unity, the division in our country has only grown deeper thanks to the partisan actions of Washington Democrats. They are bending the rules to push a massive bailout package through Congress while at the same time trying to impeach a President who has already left office.

So far this impeachment trial has played out like a re-run of a bad sitcom. The plot is known, the outcome is guaranteed, and the emotions are forced with bad acting.

In fact, 44 Senators – including both of Missouri’s senators – voted to declare this farce of a trial unconstitutional before it ever got under way. Impeachment was put in place to remove a president from office – not to punish a private citizen after their term has already ended.

This past week the nine House Democrats managing impeachment used footage from the Charlottesville riot and dug up the failed plot from last year to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer – trying to tie anything they could to President Trump.

It was a show trial, designed only to unite Washington Democrats, whose hatred of Donald Trump and Conservatives is the one thing that binds them all together.

And who wins in all of this? And what about the 74 million people that voted for Trump? Does their voice and vote matter?

For Speaker Pelosi, the answer to these questions is clear. This trial distracted from President Biden’s radical Executive Orders, which kill thousands of good-paying American jobs, prioritize illegal immigrants over American citizens, and reward his closest supporters and special interest allies. What’s next to come from the DC establishment is anyone’s guess but as we’ve seen over the past month, Washington Democrats do not seem to be focused on producing any items that would benefit the working class Americans that make our country the greatest in the world.

We’ve seen a pattern emerge with this new White House where promises of unity are shouted from the rooftops, but the actions show little more than a partisan disdain for our commonsense values and opinions. Under Joe Biden’s Administration, the beliefs of rural America and southern Missouri do not matter because Washington Democrats knows what is best for you. 

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