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Smith at Punchbowl News: Working Class Must be Front and Center Under Republican-led Ways and Means Committee

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Washington, December 7, 2022 | comments

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Representative Jason Smith (Mo.) discussed key priorities that should be addressed by the House Committee on Ways and Means in the 118th Congress at a fireside chat with Punchbowl News. Smith noted that America’s tax, trade, welfare, and health care policies must prioritize the needs of working families – underscoring that Republicans are the party of the working class and will champion the interests of working families to build a stronger, more secure American future:

We are the party of the working class. We’re not the party that we were 10 years ago, and we have to make sure the policies of this committee and the chairman of this committee pushes those policies. That is making sure we’re growing jobs, growing wages, having financial security, providing for American workers, families, and farmers. That needs to be front and center when we’re looking at the policies… My colleagues and I have to make sure the policies we move forward are not the policies of woke corporations, but the policies of working-class Americans.”

Smith also discussed the need to advance solutions that will provide Americans greater security, bring supply chains back home, and rollback dependence on China – particularly given how the pandemic showed America must be more self-reliant for our critical goods and services:

The policies that we pull forward will incentivize energy security, food security, and health care security. We saw from COVID the issues of the supply chain, but we can use trade policy and tax policy to go after those different aspects. That is a winning message to make sure we are a strong nation that we can take care of ourselves. If we cannot produce those products, whether it’s energy, health care, or with the food supply, then our allies are the ones producing those.”

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