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PHOTO: Smith Receives Americans for Prosperity’s Pioneers for Prosperity Award for Leading the Fight to Stop Washington Democrats’ Reckless Spending

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Washington, December 22, 2022 | comments

Jeremy Cady, Missouri State Director for Americans For Prosperity, presents U.S. Representative Jason Smith (Mo.) with the Pioneers for Prosperity Award in Washington, D.C.
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– U.S. Representative Jason Smith (Mo.) recently received Americans for Prosperity’s Pioneers for Prosperity Award for leading the effort in Congress to stop Washington Democrats’ reckless spending and radical agenda. As House Budget Committee Republican Leader, Smith has been on the frontlines in the fight to expose the waste, fraud, and abuse in Washington Democrats’ $10 trillion spending spree.

“The last two years of one-party Democrat rule of Washington has been a complete disaster for the hardworking folks of southern Missouri. Washington Democrats destroyed the economy by spending trillions of taxpayer dollars to reward the wealthy and score points with radical Leftists – all at the expense of working-class families, who have lost nearly two months’ worth of pay because of Biden’s economic crisis,” said Smith.

According to Americans for Prosperity, the award is given to lawmakers who were policy champions in the 117th Congress, on the frontlines of opposing bad ideas and proactively advancing principles and policies that offer solutions to Americans facing barriers to their upward mobility and success.

Smith continued, “As Budget Republican Leader, I’ve helped expose the trillions of dollars the Left has forced through Congress with their massive spending bills, whether it was giving out taxpayer subsidies to help rich people purchase new electric vehicles, forgiving the student loan debt of doctors and lawyers, or driving gas and utility costs to record highs by increasing taxes on U.S. energy. It’s absolutely unacceptable that working-class families who are struggling to put food on their table, clothes on their backs, and gasoline in their cars are footing the bill for the Left’s reckless spending. I’m honored to receive this award, and I’ll continue fighting tooth and nail to stop the wasteful spending and restore fiscal sanity in Washington.”