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  • American Heroes

    The men and women who put on a uniform to defend our nation deserve the absolute best. Whether it’s fully funding the equipment they need to do their jobs or ensuring they have great healthcare when they get home from a tour of duty, I am honored to ...

  • Care for Missourians

    Healthcare is personal. I believe you should have healthcare freedom and plenty of choices when making these very personal decisions for you and your family. Bottom line – the government should not be sitting in the exam room with you and your doctor...

  • Defending Your Rights

    Our Founding Fathers defined “inalienable rights” that all Americans are born with. No matter how much the world has changed since these rights were written, we must make sure that they’re not stripped away by a Washington lobbyist only concerned wit...

  • Education

    I believe that local education decisions should stay local. Parents and local school boards are best informed about their schools and are therefore best equipped to create school systems that they are proud of. I believe in relieving local school sys...

  • Energy

    We have vast and valuable energy resources in America and Southeast Missouri. The Obama administration has rejected opportunities to create energy independence. President Obama’s pursuit of cap-and-trade legislation is out of touch with our energy ne...

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Please contact my office for more information.

  • Family Values

    Families are the foundation of our country. As the son of a pastor, I well-know the values that you’re raising your family with, and as your Congressman, I am here to make sure the government respects and does not interfere with those values.

  • Focused on Farms

    Agriculture is the number one economic driver in our Congressional District. As your Representative in Congress, I am focused on farms and fighting for the families who run them.

  • Keeping Washington Out of Missouri

    The army of Washington regulators who have never stepped foot in Missouri should not have the power to tell you what you can and cannot do. In Congress, I am constantly working to roll back regulations and keep Washington off your back.

  • Mark Twain National Forest

    Missourians know how to take care of what’s in their backyard. In Congress, I’m fighting to make sure Washington bureaucrats don’t restrict our natural resources.

  • Protecting The Homeland

    The number one role of the US Government is to keep you and your family safe. As your voice in Congress, I am supporting policies that make America safe and strong both at home and abroad.

  • Small Business

    Small business is the backbone of our economy in the Eighth District of Missouri. Government regulation does not create jobs, but instead inhibits small businesses. Seven out of ten jobs are created by small businesses. Washington should encourage, n...

  • The Mighty Mississippi

    The economic might of the Mississippi is powerful, but so are her currents. I support policies to ensure the Mississippi River floods our local economies with jobs, and barring an act of God, does not flood the streets and towns that line the Mighty ...

  • Veterans Issues

    I am tremendously grateful for the patriots who have come forward to defend our democracy. Our troops, veterans and military families will always come first. There is always room to create more opportunity for veteran access to education, job opportu...

  • Waters of the United States

    Please contact my office for more information.

  • Your Money Belongs in Your Pocket

    You earned your paycheck, and you should be able to keep it because you know how to spend your money way better than some bureaucrat in Washington.