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Congressman Jason Smith

Representing the 8th District of Missouri

A Refusal to Participate

Jun 26, 2017
Weekly Capitol Report

We are barely halfway into the year, and Senate Liberals are ignoring the will of the American people and obstructing the democratic process yet again. First it was subjecting President Trump to the longest Cabinet confirmation process in modern history, then they tried to stop Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was previously confirmed 99-0 by some of the same Senators, from joining the Supreme Court, and now they are threatening to miss committee hearings, bill markups and votes, halting business in the Senate because they disagree with President Trump.
After saying they wanted no part in the process of fixing healthcare, Senate Liberals were outraged when their colleagues came together to work on their own solution. Some Senators even tried to make it sound like the people who were working together were doing so in secret. But the truth is, their plan is not secret at all. Like me, they want to lower the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans. But there are some Obamacare-Loyalist-Senators who are refusing to come to hearings, purposely holding up normal legislative business in the Senate and obstructing our country’s democratic process. Their actions are a waste of the hard-earned money you pay in federal taxes each month.
These liberal Obamacare-loyalists are still in complete denial about what the American people want, even though the people spoke loud and clear in the last election. Some folks in the Senate won’t even do their job and meet us at the table to discuss how to repair the damage Obamacare has done to healthcare in America. Even after the President of the United States asked for their input and ideas, Senate Liberals chose to politicize the process and act out in a way they think will get them reelected.
But why are some of these Senators insisting on standing by a failing law? Within the last week alone, we have heard even more Obamacare failures. For example, Aetna announced even more states where they will no longer be providing plans. In New Mexico, there has been a proposed premium hike of 80% and in Iowa, insurers have asked for a 43% premium increase. In Missouri, 26 of the 30 counties I represent have been left with only one provider. The bottom line is Obama’s healthcare law is failing –  the prices are sky high and the choices are slim to none. The American people cannot afford to foot the bill for this failing policy that Obamacare-loyalists are attached to solely because of the people who enacted the law – Barack Obama and his cohorts Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.
Instead of investing in an agenda that reflects what Americans voted for in November, liberal Senate extremists have done nothing but stomp their feet and try to stop their colleagues from moving forward with real solutions for hardworking Americans. Their political grandstanding is out of control. It’s time for these Senators to stop playing games and do their jobs.