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Congressman Jason Smith

Representing the 8th District of Missouri

Up Close: A Presidential Pay Raise

Sep 1, 2017
Weekly Capitol Report

Our tax system is rigged, designed to help only the most powerful people who can afford the most expensive tax lawyers to find their way through tricky tax loop holes. This week, I joined President Donald Trump in Springfield to talk about our complicated and unfair tax code, the work we must do to fix it, and how we are going to give hardworking Americans a pay raise in the process.
Since 2001, the tax code has changed 6,000 times. That’s more than one time a day. Due to these constant changes, most Americans have to hire a tax expert to crack our tax code and figure out how much they owe the federal government, spending their own hard-earned money to find out how much more of their paycheck they are going to have to send to Uncle Sam. It doesn’t need to be this complicated! Your tax return should fit on a single sheet of paper.
The U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means is the only committee in Congress that has the authority to fix our broken system. As the only member of Congress from Missouri on this committee, I have had the privilege of fighting for a fairer and flatter tax code, not only for our congressional district, but all of Missouri.
We have not seen true tax reform since Ronald Reagan was President, and it is high time for a better deal on taxes. The work I am doing with the Ways & Means Committee and the White House is going to jump-start America’s economy and help Missourians win again. The bottom line is, the government should be taking the least amount of money from you as possible. We must make major changes to our tax code will lower tax rates and give folks in southeast and south central Missouri an instant pay raise so they can spend more of their hard-earned money on raising their families and investing in their futures.
Truly changing and fundamentally reforming the U.S. tax code is the best way to give American workers an increase in their take home pay. When America’s economy is healthy, it grows at roughly 3.5%, but since the beginning of the Obama Administration, it has hardly topped 2%. Our tax plan is going to return our country to more than 3% growth. Over the next ten years, this growth will result in $10 trillion dollars of new economic activity, 12 million new jobs and a $7 trillion dollar pay raise for the American worker.
As it stands today, our outdated tax code actually incentivizes American businesses to move their headquarters and jobs where the tax rates are lower. We can’t compete, and this is unacceptable. By lowering the tax rate for American employers creating jobs in our country, we are going to make American businesses more competitive, bringing more opportunity, higher wages and a better quality of life to people across the country.
When I was with the President in Springfield this week he told me he has his pen in hand, ready to sign historic tax cuts, and that he’s depending on Congress to deliver. The liberal obstruction we saw on everything from confirming President Trump’s cabinet to repealing and replacing Obamacare is unacceptable. The question for liberals in Congress should be simple: Do you believe American workers deserve a raise? I know I do. I am hopeful that the obstructionists and people who are more concerned with defeating our President than doing their job will finally come together to do what’s right for the American families and workers to grow our economy.